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Picture of Kelly Featheringham CEO of Team Leadership Solutions


Kelly authored Maximizing Team Performance by Mastering Your ABCs. With over twenty years of leading teams, Kelly excels at public speaking to large and small groups in planned or impromptu formats and training others in the latest performance, leadership, and management best practices and strategies. Kelly brings an interactive and engaging presence, humility, and humor in her delivery, creating tangible impacts for her audience.  Click below to schedule Kelly to speak to your team at your next "Lunch and Learn" or Team Event.

Signature Talks

Critical Behaviors for Maximizing Team Performance (Designed for Leaders and/or Teams at any level)

The current workforce environment demands that leaders and organizations evolve their culture, approach, and thinking. This evolution begins with clear, concise, and consistent communication across, up, and down in an organization. While communication is a frequent training topic, it continues to be a pivotal contributor to most challenges in the workplace. To combat this, instead of focusing on just one behavior, we look at three and how they interact, impact, and build on each other. 

What is Your Ripple Effect? (Designed and Tailored for High School and College Students and New or Tenured Leaders)

Leadership is not an exclusive club. We are all leaders and have at least one person we lead daily. Have you ever considered the possibilities that this presents us? Like throwing a stone in a pond, the impact rings spread far and wide, and we possess the potential of that same impact on people and teams. 

You Don’t Have to Know Everything Even if You’re in Charge (Designed for New and/or Tenured Leaders)

We are continually bombarded with new information all day, every day. We cannot possibly remember it all. In leadership, people look to us as someone with authority; therefore, we feel obligated to have answers or solutions. How often do we hear about imposter syndrome or faking it until we make it? How do these mindsets contribute to the success of a team or organization? The most successful leaders develop a contagious mindset that quickly assesses needs, harnesses the strengths of the collective, delegates and empowers, and consistently provides the necessary support for the team’s success.

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