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kelly featheringham leading a conference discussion on self-leadership and setting an example as a leader

Empower Your Audience with Ripple Leadership Insights

Elevate your next event with Kelly Featheringham's transformative talks on leadership, team dynamics, and positive change.

Meet Kelly Featheringham

Kelly Featheringham, #1 best-selling author of 'What's Your Ripple Effect?', boasts nearly three decades of leading teams and shaping the next generation of leaders. Drawing upon her vast experience, she's not just a speaker — she's an engaging storyteller, combining the latest in leadership, performance, and management strategies with interactive discussions.

Whether addressing a vast audience or an intimate group, planned or impromptu, Kelly's unique blend of humility, humor, and hard-earned expertise ensures her sessions resonate deeply, driving tangible impacts. Engage with her and transform your next 'Lunch and Learn' or Team Event into an unforgettable experience.

Picture of Kelly Featheringham CEO of Team Leadership Solutions

Signature Speaking Topics

Critical Behaviors for Maximizing Team Performance

Delve into the current workforce environment, understanding the pivotal role of clear and concise communication. Explore the synergy of three critical behaviors and their lasting impact on the workplace.

What is Your Ripple Effect?

Leadership isn't an exclusive realm. Discover how every individual has the potential to create significant impact through the ripple effect of their actions.

You Don’t Have to Know Everything Even if You’re in Charge

Address the challenges of information overload in leadership roles. Learn how the most successful leaders harness collective strengths and foster an empowering mindset.

Book Kelly Featheringham for Your Next Event

Looking for a speaker who can inspire, educate, and motivate? Let's discuss how Kelly Feathegimgham's expertise can elevate your event.

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