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Lead With Strength

Empowering Women Leaders Breaking Old Molds and Shaping Next-Gen Leadership

I need to transform our group of individuals into a powerhouse team, harnessing our collective strengths to boost productivity and morale.


Enhance your team's collaboration and performance with our Team Strengths Workshop. Participants undergo the StrengthsFinder® 34 Assessment, followed by a two-hour workshop focused on leveraging individual strengths for team success. This workshop is perfect for teams aiming for higher efficacy and better synergy.

Welcome, Trailblazer!

How Can I Help You?

I'm a good leader! I bring valuable experience, but I just don't feel my team or colleagues get it!


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Unlock the secret to gain the respect of your team, peers, and leadership, build confidence in your unique strengths, and refine you strategic approach to managing others and your own career advancement, our ElevateHer Series provides the tools and community to propel you to new heights.

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We're doing well as a team, but we can achieve more. I need strategies to turn potential into performance. 


Experience a transformative day with our Team Dynamics Accelerator. Begin with a deep dive into each team member's strengths, followed by dynamic team-building activities emphasizing communication and problem-solving. End the day with a stronger, more cohesive team ready to meet their objectives.

Kelly Featheringham


Meet Kelly

I'm a former government leader turned Founder and CEO, dedicated to empowering women to excel in leadership roles. As your mentor and partner, I guide you in leading with confidence and competence.


Through engaging workshops, impactful training programs, and personalized consulting, I help driven professionals harness their unique strengths to build effective teams and inspire change. Ready to elevate your leadership and create a lasting impact? Let's achieve greater success together.

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Introducing two pivotal resources designed to navigate your leadership journey through the transformative Ripple Roadmap principles.

While each book stands powerfully on its own, they complement and deepen the learning experience of our training programs, guiding you through a reflective and actionable journey toward impactful, ripple-creating leadership.

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