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Kelly Featheringham, ACC, is Founder and CEO of Team Leadership Solutions, LLC, a leadership and team development company known for its expertise in helping people work better together.  As head of this boutique organization, she partners with leaders and organizations as a trusted advisor to provide coaching and training support to address their unique challenges.  Kelly works alongside her clients to create a strengths-driven strategy, enhancing performance and productivity, and deliver a laser-focused program customized for their organization to affect positive change at individual and team levels.


For more than 25 years, she has provided leadership to high-performing teams and championed the mindset that providing support, empowerment, and the occasional opportunity for fun is a recipe for success.  A significant portion of her career was with the US. Government and enabled her to work in and with people from many countries.  An experience that has broadened and shaped her thoughts on leadership at all levels.  


Kelly is located in the Northern Virginia region, which gives her the opportunity to visit DC as well as escape to the country with her husband, Kris, and dog, Seamus, to visit some of their favorite local wineries.

picture of Kelly Featheringham, founder and CEO of Team Leadership Solutions, LLC


We envision collaboration as the norm, where individuals and teams are driven by and shared sense of purpose and a desire to impact society positively.


At Team Leadership Solutions, our mission is to empower 750,000 individuals to unleash their power and drive positive change through strengths-based leadership, collaboration, and teamwork.


Community – We believe in the power of community. When we embrace the concept of community, we open ourselves up to the support of many varied and talented people. We can only do so much alone, but we can achieve anything together. We recognize that we may not always want help, but sometimes that is when we need it the most. 


Learning – We believe that everyone has something to teach and something to learn. We value open-mindedness and a commitment to continuous learning and growth. We can learn so much when we stop to listen genuinely to those around us. 


Responsibility – We believe in leading ourselves first. We recognize that we may not always get it right, and when we make mistakes, we take responsibility and own them honorably. We all win when we take responsibility for our behaviors and act with the best intentions.


Reliability – We believe that teams are built on trust. It is up to us to be someone who can be relied upon by those around us. We value dependability, follow-through, and a commitment to doing what we say we will do.


Tenacity – We believe that giving our best every day can lead to significant impacts. We recognize that our best may look different daily, but we can achieve great things when we show up with tenacity and a willingness to persevere through challenges.

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