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RIPPLE Roadmap Program


Your Leadership Evolution Begins Here

Begin your transformative leadership journey with the Ripple Roadmap Program. A three-tiered progression that harnesses your inherent strengths, amplifies your influence, and culminates in a far-reaching impact.


Embark on a journey of foundational growth with our Ripple Roots StrengthsFinder® Workshop, tailored for both Individual Contributors and Leadership roles.


Addressing the essential need for recognizing and harnessing inherent talents within the workplace, this workshop illuminates the unique strengths of each participant, fostering a culture where every team member is empowered to contribute effectively.


Walk away with actionable insights into leveraging your own and your team’s strengths, paving the way for enhanced collaboration, increased engagement, and a harmonious, high-performing work environment.


  • 5 Top Strengths CliftonStrengths® Assessment

  • 2 x Detailed Employee Report

  • Team Overview Report for Employee’s Manager

  • 60-Minute Employee Review Workshop

34 CliftonStrengths® available for an additional $50/person


Ripple Roots: Laying the Foundation


Expand your influence with Ripple Reach, a meticulously crafted stage for both Individual Contributors and Leadership roles designed to navigate the expansive terrains of today’s dynamic work environments.


This phase of the journey focuses on extending the leadership capabilities nurtured in Ripple Roots, transforming them into strategies that not only enhance leadership and team synergy but also create far-reaching impacts.


Engage in a transformative exploration where you'll harness and amplify your unique strengths, becoming a catalyst for positive, sustainable change, and propelling impactful results that resonate throughout your entire professional ecosystem.


  • For Individual Contributors:

  • 5 Top CliftonStrengths® Assessment

  • 2 x Detailed Employee Report

  • What’s Your Ripple Effect? Book

  • Ripple Impact Journal

  • 15 Hours of Interactive RIPPLE Training

  • RIPPLE Leader Essentials Certificate


For People Leaders, the package includes everything above and:

  • 60-Minute “Leading Team Strengths” training session


34 CliftonStrengths® available for an additional $50/employee or leader

$797/Individual $897/ Leader

Ripple Reach: Expanding Influence


Illuminate your leadership with Ripple Radiate, a transformative leadership journey meticulously crafted for both Individual Contributors and Leadership roles.


As you navigate through the vast landscapes of contemporary organizations, this program propels participants to become beacons of empowering, positive change, ensuring every interaction creates enlightening, constructive ripples throughout the entirety of your professional environment.


Engage in a comprehensive exploration that not only amplifies your intrinsic strengths but also equips you with actionable strategies to elevate team dynamics, foster a culture of inclusivity, and guide your organization toward a horizon of sustained success and innovation, allowing the empowering ripples to radiate expansively.


  • For Individual Contributors

  • 34 CliftonStrengths® Assessment 

  • 2 x Detailed Employee Report

  • "StrengthsFinder® 2.0" eBook 

  • “What’s Your Ripple Effect?” Book 

  • Ripple Impact Journal

  • 60-Minute Individual Strengths Review Session 

  • 15 Hours of interactive RIPPLE training 

  • 8 Hours of interactive RIPPLE team training 

  • 3 Hours of Capstone - Making RIPPLEs Training

  • RIPPLE Leader Comprehensive Certification 


For People Leaders, the package includes everything above and:

  • 60-Minute Leading Team Strengths Review

  • 12 Hours interactive RIPPLE Strategy + Team Training


Ripple Radiate: Amplify Your Impact

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