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Want to work better together?

28 Teambuilding Activities guide graphic from team leadership solutions

Virtual, Hybrid, or In-person

28 Teambuilding Activities

Pillars of Service

Team Leadership Solutions is built around three pillars of service designed to provide customized, effective coaching and training programs that develop influential leaders and dynamic teams.  Our unique approach as a trusted advisor enables us to support our clients in developing solutions for the challenges arising today and those tomorrow. 


We provide 1 on 1 coaching to support individual growth and development in confidence, problem-solving, and leadership mindset.  We design our coaching plan around goals identified through the strengths assessment process.  Individuals performing at their best come together to create teams that maximize their potential.


We provide team coaching and training programs in areas that are laser-focused to address the challenges identified through the strengths assessment process.  We have a collection of programs that will be tailored with content relevant to your team.  Our unique hybrid team coaching workshops are built around scenarios in your organization for maximum application and impact.


We begin with our strengths assessment process that will enable us to work with leadership and identify gaps and challenges specific to your organization. We then create a tailored coaching and training strategy that addresses these needs that we will deliver to your organization while walking beside you each step of the way to support any challenges that arise.

the power of team...

Have you ever been a part of a team working on a tight deadline or a difficult goal where everyone is busy but really clicking well and thrumming with positive energy?

Once crunch time is over and the goal is met, everyone is tired but feeling energized by the excitement of pushing through to achieve the goal.

Why does this happen sometimes and not others? 

How do we develop leaders and teams that can ramp up or down with this chemistry for routine or high-impact objectives?

I've worked with many high-performing teams and when we develop our people individually and as a team there is little they cannot achieve.

Finding and retaining employees is a significant challenge these days.  The organizations who are developing both their people and their team using a deliberate strategic plan are much less likely to experience these challenges.

Photograph of Kelly Featherinham and her book Maximizing Team Performance by Mastering Your ABCs
Working Together on Project

The best leaders recognize the strength in numbers

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