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Are You Setting Your Team up for Success?

When actions are speaking louder than words, the best leaders are those who see the most.

We have seen record statistics for employee resignations recently. The "Great Resignation" has become a common phrase on social media, on networking calls, and even in casual conversations outside work.

There seems to be a constant barrage of statistics about why employees leave, why they stay, why they are unhappy, and what inspires them. Does your organization consider these studies as they create employee development plans?

There is very little mystery in secret when we look at ways to reduce attrition, increase engagement and productivity, and maximize growth. Investing in your people is crucial.

There are many different ways to do this in a way that makes sense economically for your company. Sometimes a little creativity in your approach can go a long way toward keeping it within budget and providing an excellent opportunity for your staff.

Online Learning

Free or inexpensive platforms such as LinkedIn Learning encourages employees to seek out and take various online learning courses each year. Why not have your team provide feedback during a brown bag or staff meeting about what they learned, whether they found it applicable to your organization, and other details. This action helps develop a suggested course list that others can take, allow the employee to use their public speaking skills, and demonstrate that their opinion matters.

Training and Workshops

Live training and workshops can be offered online or in-person, depending on the needs and preferences of your organization. These pieces of training can take many forms from small or large groups, from a few hours to a few days. You can send your employees somewhere for it or hire a team to come to your location. Even many coaching and training firms, including my own, will tailor your training program around your specific needs. This option allows your organization to maximize the material's relevance and the benefits to your team.

Coaching and Mentoring

Mentoring is a capability you can develop within your organization formally or informally to help with knowledge transfer, develop newer or younger staff, and build a more inclusive culture. Coaching your team gives them a resource to discuss situations and scenarios to optimize their strategic approaches, work through challenges or areas they need to improve, prepare for difficult conversations, and more.

Coaching is a longer-term investment; however, the staff focus on very targeted and specific topics. Many coaches offer group or team coaching in addition to one-on-one, and often there are discounts for working with multiple employees in an organization.

How happy are your employees with the training and development your organization offers? When was the last time you asked? Often these pieces of the business become outdated or low priority. With the resignations continuing to rise, can you afford your employee development program to be obsolete?

If you would like to learn more about assessing your employee development program or any of the resources mentioned in this article, please send me a message or email me at

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